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The best tool we have, are our HANDS

rodin's hand 2

This week I visited the Israel Museum, in Jerusalem, partaking in it’s Bi-Annual Open House event. Beyond seeing the current exiting show of ‘Pharoah in the Holy Land/Canaan”,  it was wonderful to see all the impressionist again and old classic…


Everyone can paint

OPEN sign-sm

Often when I talk to people about my professional work, they say ‘I wish I could paint’, or ‘I tried it once at school and the teacher told me I am bad at it!’ Some feel they were never encouraged,…


The Secrecy of Art

Love inside a Drop Tulip-invertedsm

I am getting ready to finalize my art for shows overseas, and wondering which of the styles to work with this time… Yes, a leisure problem and headache we artist have, hey! May seam trivial compared to our world problems,…


What can we ‘spring’ into our lives?

Eva @ artfair 2016

When spring approaches, the urge to be outside and celebrate the bloom and abundant smells of tree blossoms becomes evident. People’s faces are happier and exited about playing outdoors again. So when Passover comes, it’s kind of hard to be…