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Tulip Love work expands

tu be av tulip image

When the Tulip Love work expands into regular life, it proves that this healing system brings added dimensions to have we interact. Few times a year I like to tie in my Tulip Love work with regular holidays. When I operated the Tulip…


We are on time out

tulip & traingle

Wow, what a time we have entered into? Such a sudden shift, all in order for us to change out of our old unhealthy global ways, and finally to see how we can rebuild a better global village, environmentally, physically,…


Tulips and Peace


Tulips and Peace, today we gathered in the Old City of Jerusalem to make a difference by Co Visioning 2020 and creating a Better Future for us all. This vision came to me over the last year 2019, and it…


And here is a bit more about the 5th Dimensional Art

The 5th Dimensional Artwork style I developed in 1990, at the Energy Art school in Berkeley. It catapulted into a world of vibrancy within the medium of oil and strongly conveys energy, consciousness and symbolic movement. Its language enhances a…



Welcome to my new website ~ I am excited to share my Art & Life projects on this new site, like an umbrella website for all my life’s experiences and creative endeavours, which began when I was 12 years old. It was…