About Painting Periods


About Eva Ariela’s Painting Periods

Initial 5th Dimensional Art Period 1990-1998

This was an important time in Eva Ariela’s life as she met the art teacher Ross Drago,

whom helped her discover the 5th Dimensional Artwork, and ever since since 2003

she has hosted 5th Dimensional Happenings in three different continents


eva1 eva2 eva3

The Tulip Motif Period 1999-2009

During this time Eva Ariela founded the Tulip Love healing system and started the

Tulip Temple sanctuary in Marin county, California.

Her love for Tulips has generated thousands of Tulip motif images.

Eva2004 Eva_Yehudits wed08


Continued Painting Period  2009 to present

In 2009 Eva Ariela moved to Jerusalem, in where she started the Tulip Center

while still continuing her art work and the 5th Dimensional Happenings.

Eventually another wave of inspiration started, as she became interested in Kabbalah,

and have now produced a series of Kabbalistic Art prints.

  Eva_at_Yam Hamelach

Eva w. FH flowers

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