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 Eva Ariela’s Life work of A Spiritual Artist

Being a spiritual artist, a lover of life’s mysteries and creative forms, Eva Ariela has also been involved in numerous projects in her life. For more details about her art related work history, please see resume.

These are photographs of the different work done.

5th DIM portfolio
The ‘5th Dimensional’ Artwork was developed from the year 1990, at the Energy Art School in Berkeley, California, with the inspiration and guidance of Ross Drago.
Tulip Temple ~ for more info visit
After studying Drama Therapy & Psychology Eva developed the Healing system called Tulip Love. For more info visit
Tulip Work
The ‘Tulip Love’ Book was written during the years Eva hosted Tulip Love events at the Tulip Temple and venues in California. Tulip related art work was created alongside this work as a source of inspiration and guidance. For more info please visit
Eva selling her art winter 2013
Eva displaying her hand painted art work; Kabbalah & Tulip Posters, illustrations, hand painted signs, Judaica items such as mezzuzha and chamsa, and more.
Kabbalah posters & hand painted-dec 2013
Eva’s Art work displayed: illustrations, hand painted signs, Kabbalah posters and Judaica Items.
kabbalah posters
Kabbalah & Tulip Posters developed after years writing the Tulip Love book.
MA Thesis - Kin of Kiva
The ‘Kin of Kiva’ Thesis was written in 1998 at the UCS University in California. A proposal for an alternative healing system, permaculture and organic architecture.