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5th Dimensional Art & Happenings

A Peek Into the 5th Dimension

The 5th Dimensional Artwork was developed in 1990, Berkeley California.

This particular style of Eva Ariela was born out of a deeper awareness of how vibrant colours and the medium of oil can convey a certain vibration of other energy consciousness and symbolic movement.  Her art comes to celebrate the imagination of the human soul, the cosmic energy patterns and deeper mysteries. It invites the viewer to enter into an unknown yet friendly and magical landscape.

The “5th Dimensional “ language is also a medium used to enhance a sharper seeing “beyond the canvas”. 

What might appear as one image, unfolds into more of an expanded observation if one takes the time to look closer and deeper into the content. The paintings are created in a manner where the images become gateways into another world of interpretation.

The symbols are integral parts of the paintings, as it comes to remind us of fluid sacred geometric forms of the universal life forces embedded in our consciousness as well as in nature.

5th Dimensional art Performance 5th Dimensional art Performance

Source of Inspiration

The Source of Inspiration in Eva Ariela’s oil paintings stems from a state of consciousness which has been accessed through years of painting and spiritual growth. This process has become a basis for the development of the 5th Dimensional Artwork, which is expressed by:

Cosmic Forces

Vibrant Colors

Constant Movement

Spiraling Symbolism

Energy Consciousness

Abstract Conceptualization

5th Dimensional Happenings

Art Related Style & Multi-Media Dance

Multi-Media Solo Dance Presentations, accompanied with projected art work, is another medium used in my exhibitions. They are designed to add the expression of abstract movement beyond the visuals of the 3rd dimensional content of the canvas. This movement conveys yet another layer of interpretation of the artwork and invites the audience to “participate in the painting” alongside with the creator.

As the content  of the painted images of the canvas are projected outwards, to meet the observer, a magical interaction occurs. It is not a state in which you can point your finger on an exact measured occurrence, but it is rather a gently and intangible force that operates and which can tickle your imagination.