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You are welcome to order a special Art piece that depicts your Life Story told in images 

  • Your own personal life story
  • The journey you and your beloved one/s have or did in life
  • Your own unique family history or Individual Journeys

Your memories or experiences will be depicted in images/text in either fixed media art piece or oil paintings. We will meet to find the best way to create your story on canvas or other media, to depict a life passage or life story unique to yours, your loved ones or family. After completion you can hang it in your office, living room or other spaces, to keep your journey, heritage or life memory alive. This framed visual story can also be cherished by your family & friends, and for generations to come.

Love Journey
Kärleks Resan ~ 2021Hear their Love Story 


The Birth of Divine Spiral
The Birth of Divine Spiral ~ 2020


Thomas Gateway. Detail from The Birth of Divine Spiral
Thomas Gateway. Detail from The Birth of Divine Spiral


Joy & Joyanna. Detail from The Birth of Divine Spiral
Joy & Joyanna. Detail from The Birth of Divine Spiral

chakra couple-original

Chakra Dancers:Three Stages of a relationships communication patterns; from new beginning and being in the Void, to 3rd Dimensional reality to the 5th Dimension landscape.

Couple in tulip UN-Folding

  1. Beloved Couple’s Journey through Life: 
  2. Three Stages in Life; From Newly Wed, to Maturing Parents, to Gracefully Aging. 
Reut & Abrahams Wedding, Tel Aviv 2021

A Wedding made Holy, when two beloveds commit their lives together, with deep conviction & deep love, the Heaven has no limits to the amount love shared. Here is an Art piece made in mixed media, to share their journey until their wedding day. A a glance of their actual Holy Wedding in Tel Aviv 2021.

For More Information and to order a Commissioned Art piece, contact me.

Testimonials from Clients whom purchased these commissioned artwork

I found Eva Ariela’s oil painting, created for my beloved and me, depict and capture the essence of our relationship. The colors weave together beautiful patterns and make me feel inspired. The artwork touches my heart every time I look at the symbols.

Thomas Anderson, CEO and leadership expert, Strandska, Gothenburg, Sweden

Eva Ariela is a fantastic artist with a unique ability to paint both abstract and figurative work. She has an eye for details. Through a fantastic use of color and brush strokes, she creates a multidimensional experience that captures the beauty of tulips in an unparalleled way. Eva Ariela listens attentively to your wishes when ordering a painting and has an ability to capture exactly what you want. Her artistic talent combined with sensitivity results in unique and personal work of art that reflect ones vision in an impressive way.
Monica Koppelman, Stockholm, Sweden

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Eva Ariela Lindberg
Artist & Creator of the 5th Dimensional Art style

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