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Art Exhibitions, Multi Media Performances & Happenings

The ‘5th Dimension meets Flamenco’, with dancer Micaela Harari.  First Station, Jerusalem. 2016

“Creation Story & Narrative” 5th Dimensional Happening ~ Multi Media Performance. Jerusalem, 2016

Art Opening: “Tulips in another Dimension” Abante Gallery, Stockholm. 2016

Tulip Motif Solo Art show:  Abante Gallery, Stockholm. 2016

5th Dimensional Workshop & Happening, First Station, Jerusalem. 2016

Flamenco Dancing meets the 5th Dimension! Micaela Harari.

5th Dimensional Happening & Flamenco @ First Station, Jerusalem. May 2016.

The public was invited to arrive in white clothes, to get the best effect of the art projection ~ making the dancing more playful, as if one is inside the paintings.

5th Dimensional Art & Dance Happening, Tetron Hatmona, Jerusalem, 2013

Peaceful Moving inside the 5th Dimensional Happening, Machol Shalem, 2016

A Couple’s Dance @ the 5th Dimensional Happening, Strandska in Gothenburg, 2015

5th Dimensional Happening Shawl Dance, Gothenburg, 2015

5th Dimensional Happening @ Chamshushalayim Festival, Jerusalem. 2016

5th Dimensional Happening: Individual dancing, participants move to multi media projection & music, Jerusalem, 2013

5th Dimensional Solo Art show, Oil Paintings by Artist Eva Ariela Lindberg,

Circadia, San Fransisco, California, 1999

First 5th Dimensional Art & Dance Performance, by Artist Eva Ariela Lindberg,

Amalia Arbel Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1993

5th Dimensional presentations:

Images of 5th Dimensional Art shows
5th Dimensional Happening ~ Movement & Dancing with Art projection and Music!

Art Shows publications:

Clio Art Fair, Chelsea, New York 5-8 March, 2015
Museum Windows, Ramat Aviv Mall,  Tel Aviv, 2005
European Artshow & publications
Video of Eva’s Art Shows 2000

Galerie Le Carre D’or, Paris, France, 2000
BB International, Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland, 2000
Palais Expo, Geneve, Schweitz, 2000