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5th Dimensional Happening. Madrid, Spain. 20 February, 2020

Madrid 5th Dim

5th Dimensional Happening. Gothenburg, Sweden. 20 February, 2019

Strandska & Eva Ariela’s Artwork

5th Dimensional Happening. Caesarea, Israel. 11 March, 2018

מתחברת לעולם קוסמי צבעוני

5th Dimensional Happening. Zichron Yaakob, Israel. December, 2017

5th DIM in Caesarea 2018

Zichron Yaakob 5th DIM

 Chamshushalyim Festival, Beit Canada. Jerusalem, December 2016

Chamshushalyim advertisement


5th Dimensional Happening, 1st Station. Jerusalem. 14 May, 2016

FINAL flyer HEB. 5th Dim Happening copy 2

Clio Art Shows, Chelsea. New York. Spring, 2015

Clio Art Israeli Artists

CLIO artwshow in NY 2015

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 4.36.43 AM

Poetry for Peace, 5th Dimensional Dancing. Jerusalem. 15 Oct, 2015

Micaela on Cosmic Cell 

5th Dimensional Happenings, Women’s Stories. Jerusalem. 2014

-אירוע מימד 5 האמנית אווה לינדברג copy

 5th Dimensional Happening. Jerusalem. 2013

5th DIM flyer

European Art Exhibitions & Publications

Who is Who recounts the Artist of the year. This was the 2000 publication and there is one printed page of the artwork “Witnessing”, mixed media by Eva A. Lindberg
witnessing who is who-image
This multi media art piece was created when the artist was only 18 years old. Its in memory of the Holocaust victims and her family he perished in WWII.