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The Co-Visioning team began its 5th year!!

Jonathan Bar Talmy & I have not missed one event (see our image below). Its been a lovely journey and we look forward to more events that will unfold as we enter new chapters of consciousness as a global spiritual community.


In 2020, we met on the 20th of every month


In 2021, we met on the 21st of every month


In 2022, we met on the 22nd of every month


In 2023, we met on the 23rd of every (?) month


In 2024, we meet on the 24th of every month 

Here we can see Jeff Goldstein sharing with us the Energy Ball healing, goes actually real well via zoom. Energy can be felt via Cyberspace, and it was a lovely energy circle.

We enjoyed our first Co-Praying for this year 2024 and for Spring Equinox & Post Purim Celebration, Tuesday, 26 March 2024, 9PM (IST) 

Many believe that we are now at a “super-critical” transformative time in history with potential for vast changes both personal and collective. The spoken and written word have potentially great power in creating reality. Therefore we should choose our thoughts and words carefully and with great intent to manifest a future of peace, love and prosperity.  Together we will weave deeper threads of caring, praying and putting in the intention for an even better future, despite very hard months.  From the Balance of Spring, to the Joy of Purim to the walking into a new landscape of FREEDOM.

Co~Praying 2024

PROGRAM 26 March

9pm ~ Eva Ariela Lindberg ~

Guided Meditation & Spreading the the Sparks of Spring.

Flame Beings Presentation

9.30 pm  ~ Jonathan Mont Foxo ~

Sacred Singing & Prayers

9.45 pm  ~ Jehudit Goldfarb ~

Hebrew Letters and Movement

10 pm ~ Barak Oev & Adi Osher-Lev ~

 From Adama in Galilee

10.15 pm ~ Amrita Magdala ~  

Singing & Words of wisdom ‘We are eachothers mutual Abundance’ 

10.30 ~ Jeff Goldstein  ~

Energy Ball Healing Circle

10.45 ~ Yosef Yitzchak Jacobs ~

Spring Renewal from Purim to Passover

11.00 ~ Meirah Ohr ~

Songs of Healing

Artwork: The Featured image is a detail from my art piece called The Human Existence”.

Eva Ariela Lindberg.