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About Eva Ariela

Eva Ariela’s creative journey

Life Journey

Eva, born in Stockholm, loved playing and being out in nature, picking flowers, drawing and building things. She enjoyed exploring the world, biking, playing music dancing, picking blueberries skiing, sailing and conveying life’s deeper meaning with her innovative art..


Eva’s education, complementary studies, exhibitions, happenings, shows, awards, publications and collections

Painting Periods

A Deep dive into Eva’s Tulip  Motif and 5th dimensional art periods.

5th Dimensional Art

Eva’s 5D art was born out of a deeper awareness of how vibrant colors and the medium of oil can convey a certain vibration of other energy consciousness and symbolic movement.

Solo Exhibitions

2019  Strandska, Gothenburg, Sweden

2016  Solo Art exhibition, Abante Gallery, Stockholm

2016  5th Dimensional Happening at Woodstock~youth without alcohol, Nachlaot, Jerusalem

2013  Teatron Chazuti,  5th Dimensional Happening, Talpiot, Jerusalem

2010  Beit Leyvik, 5th Dimensional presentation, Tel Aviv

2009  Saraya Cultural Centre, 5th Dimensional presentation, Safed

2008  Open Studio, Tulip motif artwork, Woodacre, California

  • 2006  Open Studio, 5th Dimensional artwork, Woodacre, California

    2005  Teatron Tmona, 5th Dimensional slide show, Tel Aviv

    2005  Museum Windows, Ramat Aviv Mall Oil Paintings, Tel Aviv

    2003  New Living Expo, 5th Dimensional slide show, San Francisco, California

    2003  Passion Dance Studio, 5th Dimensional slide projection,  San Francisco, California

    2002  SomArts Gallery, 5th Dimensional artwork, San Francisco, California

    2000  Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malmo, Sweden

1999  Circadia, San Francisco, California

1997  Heshel Gallery, UCS, Oakland, California

1996  The Swedish Art Gallery, Malmo, Sweden

1993  Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1992  Casting Works, San Francisco, California

1991  Energy Art Gallery, Emeryville, California

1990  Intermezzo, San Francisco, California