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P.O Box 153, San Geronimo, CA. 94963

BORN Stockholm, Sweden, 1960


1997  Masters in Humanities and Leadership, New College University, San Francisco, CA

1986  Graduated BA in Environmental Design, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem

1985  Architectural Studies, Boston Architectural Center, Boston, Massachusetts

1984  Architectural Studies, Dept. of Architecture at the University of Venice, Italy

1979  Graduated Telma Yalin High school in Art and Sculpture, Tel-Aviv


1990  Illustration and Drawing, Academy of Art College, San Francisco, California

1989  Illustration Seminar with Lee Lorenz, Cartoonist of the “New Yorker” Magazine, New York

1988  Mixed Media Design, University of California, Berkeley, California

1983  Landscape drawing with Gershon von Schwartze, Assoc. Prof., Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

1978  Still Life drawing with Avinoam Kosowski, Tel-Aviv


To view 5th Dimensional Art shows from 2003 to present please visit 5th Dimensional Happenings

Solo Shows

2019  Strandska, Gothenburg, Sweden

2016  Solo Art exhibition, Abante Gallery, Stockholm

2016  5th Dimensional Happening at Woodstock~youth without alcohol, Nachlaot, Jerusalem

2013  Teatron Chazuti,  5th Dimensional Happening, Talpiot, Jerusalem

2010  Beit Leyvik, 5th Dimensional presentation, Tel Aviv

2009  Saraya Cultural Centre, 5th Dimensional presentation, Safed

2008  Open Studio, Tulip motif artwork, Woodacre, California

2006  Open Studio, 5th Dimensional artwork, Woodacre, California

2005  Teatron Tmona, 5th Dimensional slide show, Tel Aviv

2005  Museum Windows, Ramat Aviv Mall Oil Paintings, Tel Aviv

2003  New Living Expo, 5th Dimensional slide show, S.F., California

2003  Passion Dance Studio, 5th Dimensional slide projection,  S.F., California

2002  SomArts Gallery, 5th Dimensional artwork, SF., California

2000  Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malmo, Sweden

1999  Circadia, San Fransisco, California

1997  Heshel Gallery, UCS, Oakland, California

1996  The Swedish Art Gallery, Malmo, Sweden

1993  Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1992  Casting Works, San Francisco, California

1991  Energy Art Gallery, Emeryville, California

1990  Intermezzo, San Francisco, California


2022  5th Dimensional Happening, with Achutan Wong Eisen’s Light Language, The Way Inn, Safed

2022   5th Dimensional Happening, Yoga event, Mälby, Roslagen, Sweden

2020  5th Dimensional Happening, ‘2020 Co-Visioning’, Shambala Urbana, Madrid, Spain

2020  5th Dimensional Happening, ‘2020 Co-Visioning’, Greek Community Club, Jerusalem

2018   5th Dimensional Happening, International Women’s Day, Caesarea Community Center, Caesarea

2017   Women’s 5th Dimensional Happening, Zichron Art Center, Zichron Yaakov

2016   5th Dimensional Happening, Festival Chamshushalayim at Beit Canada, Jerusalem

2016  5th Dimensional Happening at Woodstock for youth without alcohol, Nachlaot, Jerusalem

2016  5th Dimensional Happening & Flamenco Performance, First Station, Jerusalem

2015  Clio Art Fair, Chelsea, NYC, New York

2015  5th Dimensional Happening, Strandska, Gothenburg, Sweden

2015  5th Dimensional Happening, Jerusalem Municipality Women’s Forum, Tulip Center,  Jerusalem

2014  The Hub Business Center, Jerusalem

2014  5th Dimensional Happening & Flamenco, Lindberg Peace Foundation, Tulip Center, Jerusalem,

2012  Lindberg Peace Foundation, Peace & Art Happening. Oil Painting Exhibition, Tulip Center, Jerusalem

2011  5th Dimensional Artwork Slide & Dance movement with Lior Jacob, from San Francisco Passion University

2010  Alternateva 2010, International Conventions Center – Binyaney Ha’ouma, Jerusalem

2008  Binyaney Ha’ouma, Jerusalem, Tulip Motif, Oil Paintings, Jerusalem

2005  Alvarion Company, 5th Dimensional Art Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv

2003  San Geronimo Cultural Center – Annual Art show, Marin, CA

2003  Palace of Fine Arts,2nd Visionary Art & Video Festival, SF. CA

2002  San Geronimo Cultural Center – Annual Art show, Marin, CA

2001  Marin Arts Council – Corte Madera, California

2001  Marin Open Studios, Woodacre, California

2000  Galerie Le Carre D’or, Paris, France

2000  BB International, Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland

2000  Palais Expo, Geneve, Switzerland

2000  Svenska Konstforbundet, Gothenburg, Sweden

1999  Rainbow Gallery, San Rafael, California

1996  Koret Gallery, Palo Alto, California

1996  Sommar Salong, The Swedish Art Gallery, Malmo, Sweden

1995  Art Festival, Kibbutz Gezer, Israel

1995  Jul Salong, The Swedish Art Gallery, Malmo, Sweden

1994  Somar Gallery, San Francisco, California

1994  Nastasia Studio, San Francisco, California

1993  Show & Tell Gallery, San Francisco, California

1990  Annual Art Show, CIIS, San Francisco, California

1989  National Exhibition. ZOA House, Tel-Aviv, Israel

1983  Art Show, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

1981  National Exhibition, ZOA House, Tel Aviv, Israel

1978  National Fine Arts Exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel