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In the Land of Tulips

18519702_10154366232246573_4441590227076188349_nAfter a long winter in the Holy City and taking an extended brake from the usual activities at the Tulip Center, I arrived to a real cold and long spring in Sweden. With me, I took all my favorite color pencils, drafting pens and brought art pieces that needs completions and some need new beginnings. It’s been so good to take time to do less and just be an artist, walk in nature and enjoy simple things in life.

The Nordic spring seamed like an illusion as it visually appeared to be nice and warm but felt like real winter without the snow! It finally entered the birthing gateway into the summer, last week, ushering in a long awaited national hope. Still, it was a crazy month, as few times I run out with light clothes, seeing it’s nice and sunny, yet finding myself shivering and having to run back to put on coats and even gloves (with nights being minus degrees!!). Luckily it all broke open and everyone jumped into the lake, feeling happy again. There was also an unusual amount of Tulip blossoms everywhere I visited, mainly at Ytter Järna, Skyllebyholm and in Stockholm itself.

Now, I arrived to the land of Tulips, the Netherlands, in where my favorite blossom exists in such magnitude. If not only in physical forms and with touristic attractions such as Kuekenhuf, but also in millions of different souvenirs, history, art related Tulip motifs, etc. In the Land of Tulips, I feel all the love and joy that radiates from these blossoms. No wonder the Dutch people seam jolly and content.

18425053_10154350101901573_7065392378168975380_nOn my semi sabbatical route here in Amsterdam, I am finding it hard to let go of what I usually do ~ my Tulip love passion. I will be meeting with publishers and book stores anew on top of the other stores who already have the Tulip Love books displayed.

One of them is the Tulip Museum, which is a wonderful hub of information, with a world map of wild tulips, artwork and any kind of Tulip design from all over the world. A recommended visit indeed, not to mention you can purchase my book there as well. The second one is in the capital of Holland, The Hague, the ABC bookstore, just opposite the parliament building.

I look forward to few other Tulip Love Healing events we will have in Stockholm in June, one in Sköndal with the Forever Alovera Company, 21 June, for the Summer solstice day (the longest day of the year). Then on the 29 June, at Vattumannen, in Stockholm, I will have a Tulip Love book talk. You are welcome to mark your calendars.

Blessings and enjoy the splendid spring energy,

With Tulip Love, Eva Ariela