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Painting away Forgiveness

Here we are again, another year has passed and I am finding myself before Yom Kippor, (the Day of Atonement, in the Jewish tradition); practicing the Universal Forgiveness quality we humans are so blessed to have. Yet another reflective palette has to be set up for the last years accountable actions…how did I paint my life the last 12 months? Will I be forgiven by friends and colleges, by my family and mainly by G-d?

I truly hope so, as if I recall correctly, I did not perform any major crimes…maybe misplaced a check or did not have time to call a friend whom there may have been a misunderstanding with. If I upset any client, I hope by now it was all cleared. If I made an error without known to me, I sure hope someone tells me, so I will be spared the judgment when ascending to heaven at the end of my life. Actually, even better is to ask for forgiveness for ALL that I may have erred, knowingly or not, and hopefully be forgiven. That is why Yom Kippor is an amazing DAY of FORGIVNESS; in a way, all one needs to do is to show up in a synagogue and talk to G’d and say ‘Here I am and I am truly Sorry’. Yet the catch is to really mean it!!

Yom kippur artwork

As for my Art ~ I better forgive it itself, for neglecting painting more pieces, and for being too busy with other work!! In hope my easel and palette will forgive me and that the next year we will be so busy making new fantasy filled creations to an even higher satisfaction.

If someone would ask me how I see my current life and what my previous year looked like; I would probably describe it as a colorful 5th dimensional landscape, with a few dark elements. A couple of small black dots here and there, and that I will, for the next week, do all I can to be forgiven: by my fellow friends, and more so, by our holy G’d. Even the blemishes called ‘sins’ that may appear as dark shadows inside my vibrant artwork; may they disappear with the whim of a brush and be transformed into an even brighter reality. Something invigorating, fulfilled with a subtle and quite peace.

If I will pass our Creator’s decree (G’d Willing!) after the day of fasting and beating my chest for each actions I may have done wrong, I will probably rejoice & begin to envision even a brighter and more ecstatic, 5th Dimensional Oil Painting! An art piece visually spreading happiness and love, healing our injured world and personal sad tragedies. Being a loyal devout for innocence, I hope to bring in more loving kindness to all of us through, dance, music and 5th Dimensional art.

One particular artwork, I’m seeing in front of me is an expansive oil painting, with endless space for everyone. Family, friends and even strangers. For everyone who have asked for forgiveness, and hoping for a new year ahead for them…for a righteous living. 
The more we take advantage of the time until the Day of Atonement, the bigger ‘piece of the painting’ we may get. For every minute of love for our fellow beings we are feeling, and for every minute of regret for the ‘sins’ we have done, our ‘life art piece’ will expand.

I wish us all a wonderful new year, a year filled with luminous light, love, happiness and good health, to all and our beloved ones. In hope we can take time to reflect this week, between Rosh Ha’Shana and Yom Kippur, to purify our body, mind and soul. The outcome is amazing!!