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2019 New Art projects

tulip front coversmToday we entered into 2019, Yeah!!

May it be a real good year for ALL of us, even if our world is in midst of a lot of turmoil,

still ~ may we rise as a human nation and collectively raise the vibration of love and trust.

Let us arrive to new destinations individually and collectively…

Let us bring in innovative ideas, creations and nurture new blossoms to come!

Last week I was feeling the end trail of 2018 which had been like a cup filled to its brim on all levels, with many lovely moments and also challenging situations. As many of us tend to do this time of the year;  New Year wish lists, I am also planning what to manifest and how to continue to display my Art, where to host more 5th Dimensional Happenings, etc. So of course in the year of 2019, when Jupiter will be transitioning my birth sign, Sagittarius, I expect some nice surprises to arrive.

In addition, I want to complete numerous Visual Images I began to create after experiencing powerful visions during the last year’s travels. The idea is to  implement them into my Kabbalistic artwork, which you can see on the Kabbalah section on my website .

While being in the midst of planning my 2019 New Art projects ahead, I am currently designing an art piece for Yad Vashem, and it feels important to do so, considering I am the daughter of a survivor. My Mother did all she could in her life to embetter life, our world and her surrounding. Since she saw  and lived hell in the darkest hours, during the Holocaust, she was driven to do all she could to contribute and to help heal our ailing planet.

In terms of individual contributions to our selves and others, the healing system of Tulip Love is a great answer for individuals and communities to jointly find peace and eternal blossoming within and without. I give workshops and share the information of this healing model at book talks or events. If anyone is interested you can email me at


The featured image is of me with my friends at Carmel, California, at a new years event 2000. That was a pivotal New Year indeed, and it feels like 2020 will be important too.

Much love and Happy New Year you ALL, Eva Ariela