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5th Dimension for Women

Usually my 5th Dimensional Happenings are co-ed, yet this month we had an event for women only. I think for some women it felt more at ease to be in the same gender setting and enter into the playful landscape of another colorful dimension. There is another kind of energy generated when the opposite sex is not in play. I guess more relaxed yet void of the usual excitement felt when men and women dance together.

A typical 5th Dimensional Happening is usually with the projection of my oil paintings, workshop and/or free dance. At times professional dancers or musicians perform within the projected art as a back ground. This evening we added the ‘Creation Story’ as well; a story weaving a new paradigm between men and women, with the Flamenco dancer Micaela Harari’s performance.

_DSC0065If any one likes to enjoy a specially tailored event with these dynamic images, one can do a combination of the following activities ~ story telling, performance, workshop, free dance or other themes can be added. The sky is the limit as one says, and so is of course the 5th Dimension._DSC9990

The events are also great for Free Dance with DJ music for all ages, between men and women, or it can be for Women’s or Men’s empowerment evenings, birthday parties or for team building as a day off retreat for workers.

A typical 5th Dimensional evening is divided into three parts:

1. The ‘Creation Story‘ is a written piece inspired by a feminine perspective of how to heal the gender rifts – through a 5th Dimensional Art projection combined with dance segments.

2. Dancing with the audience – the audience is invited onto the stage to dance to the music and interact with the paintings – guided by imagination and movement. Basically, people explore movements inside the projected Art area to experience the 5th Dimensional Landscape.

3. Free Dance and Music.

Usually we ask the audience to arrive in white attire, if not they can borrow white cloths.

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Many blessings and Happy New Year. Eva Ariela


Flamenco-1846Photos were taken by Gila Gilad and Nurit Bhonker