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5th Dimension near the Sea

For the International Women’s Day we will have the 5th Dimension near the Sea.

In the featured image you can see a depiction of an oriental woman, mysteriously looking at us, under her hat. This is an art piece from my mixed color series and a peak into what a woman may be feeling from any where in the world. Next month, on March 8th the whole world will celebrate WOMEN of all faiths, colors, race and persuasion. To see more of my artwork please visit my gallery.

Flamenco-1853Join us for the next 5th Dimensional Happening near the sea, which will be in Caesarea close to the aqueduct that runs partly for kilometers all the way up to Acho. We will celebrate the week of the International Woman’s Day a whole month in this Ancient Roman city in Israel!

Just as the spring begins, it will be a great time to move into dynamic colors, art, rhythm and dance. The event is Open to Everyone, all faiths and walks of life… the evening is not only for women.

5th Dimensional Happening: Free form movement with my projected oil paintings & music. Participants are welcome to become ‘part of the canvas’, like brushes creating an art piece. Best to come in white clothes and move inside the projected artwork area ~ dancing into a multi-dimensional landscape of spiraling energies, music and dynamic formations.

You are invited to come in White Clothes, shawls are provided.

5th DIM in Caesarea Sunday, 11 March, 2018, 8 – 9.30 pm
Caesarea Cultural Center, Auditorium.
Cluster 3 in Caesarea

Please see this Facebook invite.

Here is the invite for the whole week of International Women;s Celebrations in Caesarea

Looking forward to see you all at the ‘Yom Ha’Isha’ events in Caesarea, and you are welcome to invite your friends to a special 5th Dimensional Art and Dance experience!

With Love and Artistic appreciation, Eva Ariela