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A Blooming Art Opening

Last Thursday’s Vernissage was great with music, many visitors, good vine and refreshments. A blooming Art Opening to say the least, as not only were there many ‘Tulips on Canvases’, but also many ‘real’ flowers!! Seams like in the Swedish tradition, people bring many flowers to the artist, a lovely gesture that I have not witnessed as much in any other solo artshows Internationally.

I sold a few pieces that evening, which is nice. The Opening was to end at 9pm but went on till 11 pm, with people still talking about art & music while Jane Helen kept playing on her piano.

20160818_173134The Featured Art piece “Tulip Nectar’  was the main message of the Tulip style section, even though the whole show was a combination between my 5th Dimensional Artwork (which are displayed in port folio pieces) and smaller selection of my Tulip motif 20160818_180033work.

The Tulip Nectar art piece conveys how the flower Tulip has a message of love to our world, and in ancient Persian mythology, Tulips means “Perfect Love”!

The Tulips don’t have much of a smell, only a faint one. They have other ways to tantalize; to enchant and to allure in many different mysterious ways. Usually we can become intoxicated by smells of Roses, Orchids and other delicious flowers, yet the Tulip flower has an unseen and an unknown way to draw us into it’s magic realm. That is why a nation such as Holland, during the Tulip O’ mania” period, would bet a horse or even a house for the value of a rare Tulip bulb, as people were feeling it’s magic powers but did not really address it.

20160818_175922The Tulip elicits beauty and kindness, and sends love with it’s unfelt scent to the world. We humans may not be sensitive to it’s silent power, but sense the flower is special in shape and form. Their magic power also emits a sense of Regal-ness within us, as it’s a flower that knows self respect. The Tulip shape has a majestic nature, which we can learn from. You can see my video here about this topic.

Many blessings and next time you see a Tulip try to smell it from another way,

Eva Ariela