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A Tropical Visit

Greetings to you! So after an amazing visit to the land of Tulips, I am now off to new shores. Usually, I go to museums to soak up every little brush stoke any old oil painting master can do and then I store it in my mind, to be activated in front of the canvas where I myself can do another piece of art!

20171010_162959-1Even though not always a 5th Dimensional existence oil painting, but a piece that uniquely comes out of me to be portrayed in the world of color and energy. The main goal is to visit my canvas to embrace me and any other viewers eye and fantasy.

Still so, now on my way to the Americas, and look forward visiting with my favorite cousine – stopping by in the tropics, awaiting a visit in the jungle and up some old volcanos.

I am exited to see how my color palette will look like, in a land of green, exotic plants and fun. Yep a tropical visit, to lands that are greener then the 5th Dimension but still brings rich plant and animal life from Mother Earth’s abode. The question now remains, how to integrate the worlds?

It brings me back to when I visited lovely Kauai and I made an illustration years ago, that feels fitting to this sense of adventure in the land above the equator line. The art piece is called Woman & Palm (see featured image).

I will post new imagery coming out of me or shall I say from my hands and my imagination later in next blogs, but for now visit my Gallery and enjoy past work of flowers and plants.

The next stop will be to my favourite place on earth, beyond the Holy Land, and that to HAWAII!!!


20171002_174628 Aloha, Shaloa, from Eva Ariela