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A Walking Painting

Can I be my own ‘Walking Painting’? Why not, if i created it can’t I be it?

I plan to show my 5th Dimensional Art this way, the coming weeks at different fairs. As the first one, I choose a special piece from my 5th Dimensional Artwork collection.  You can check it out on my Gallery page and I named it Cosmic Cell, as it conveys two different worlds, the micro and macro that are part of our existence.
“The “Cosmic Cell” is a celebration between the smallest particular forms to the biggest spaces in our universe. The cellular membrane of the sphere along side the comet shape, is the marriage between the cellular verses cosmic. These forms are of the same material and shapes, even if seen in the micro verses the macro”.

I am looking forward to wearing my cosmic_cell_web-1024x961own painting, which I just printed  out on a special cloth. Now I will have the freedom to walk with it at Gallery openings, which I will have in the future, and at ART happenings of all kinds. At the last solo art show at Abante Gallery in Stockholm I wore a Tulip dress and palettes.

The next one I will attend is at ArT-Mixx at MACC center; Yokouchi Pavilion & Courtyard, 9 June, 2018

I think I will like ‘be_DSC9750ing a walking billboard’ ~ of my own work ~ feels exiting. See featured images, and stay tuned to follow up pix from actual events.

Blessings and check out videos of the 5th Dimensional Happenings, as well.

Much love, Eva Ariela