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Adam & Eve Oil Painting

Where is our Garden of Eden? I miss it, being an ‘Eve’, and knowing that ones upon a time we basked in endless delight and love, therefor making this dual reality even more hard to bear at times. Still, its our tasks to bring Heaven to Earth, and that what artists try to do, at least that is my mission. Beyond the 5th Dimensional Art work, I also love painting or drawing couples. Being a Libra rising probably makes me always strive for harmony and unity.

During the last years of my work in California, I was commissioned to do two big paintings for someone’s living room in Marin county. This diptych is an expression of that Union and the desire men and women have deep inside them selves, to be ONE together.

They are portrayed as coming from two different landscapes in the oil painting theme and at the edge of the painting, in each corner Adam & Eve are facing one another on the hanged wall (See attached images), yearning to connect, but not in the same framed art piece. My future art piece, will be their true reunion, making it more a triptych. This painting will be with the setting of the Garden of Eden.

Our world is a turbulent place lately, and many have difficulties in finding inner peace, or communicating, or sharing their lives with loved ones. Some of us are stuck in concrete cities and pollution, forgetting the delight of Mother Nature. Many are struggling economically, while we have to deal with the harsh reality of terrorism and stressful work situations, making it also hard to spend quality time and embrace each others experiences in life.

Families and couples also struggle to find quality time to cultivate their relationships, as well as bringing more understanding of the male vice versa female needs. My Art hopes to bring a visual harmony & calm to our rocky existence, and some of the Art focuses on the Divine Balance between Men and Women and ALL beings in our fragile world.

Eve - Panel 1 of Adam and EveEve - Large Format     In our last 5th Dimensional Happening at the First Station in Jerusalem, we had a narrative Dance Art Performance with a professional  Flamenco dancer Micaela Harari. The CREATION STORY ~ I wrote as a performance piece, narrating a series of my oil painting from the 5th Dimensional period in Berkeley

Each painting had a part in the narrative sequence, for example the oil painting Space Opera talks about the FEMININE energies becoming very joyous witnessing G’d’s Universal miracles, so here we accompanied the dance with the song of Carmen and Flamenco.

Later in the story comes the MALE energies that found that the new sound vibration of overwhelming (to them) female power made them ‘run away’ from the Shechinah, the Feminine Principle of G’d. That was in connection to the art piece Man Avoids Void.

The whole performance ends with the FEMININE and MALE energies entering into a true balancing which restored life upon Mother Earth and the cosmic garden begins to evolve into the Garden of Eden…:). Here the Cosmic Garden is a delightful ending to the narrative.

As I write this I can hear the lovely songs of Sheva Brachut of my neighbor’s wedding below us. Wonderful, as here a young couple is entering their Beloved Union.

Many blessings and may we all dance at many weddings and enjoy the Garden of Eden a new…

love, Eva Ariela