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Art as in the Tree of Life

Art as in the Tree of Life

I took a walk with my friends the other day and I asked them if they have the same experience I have when they travel. Everywhere I have been, I begin to feel the energy of all those people I know in tBoy with Hearthat town or in the area. In a way it’s like walking inside a memory lane and recalling beautiful places we once visited… but more then that.

It’s almost like every place I have been to, feels like a familiar Tree of Life ~ filled with connections and lovely people I encountered; whom may or not be related to me genetically but spiritually. An unforeseen collective web of consciousness starts to kick in within me, when I am geologically present in a certain region. It’s like I am tapping into the local field of consciousness.

Since I travel quite a lot with my Art and to share my Tulip Love book, each place I go to, I encounter new people and they make the Tree I know bigger and thicker with more leaves and interesting offshoots, just like an oak tree would expands its arms in certain angles and directions.

From Jerusalem, to Stockholm, to London, to Amsterdam, to New York, to Denver, to San Francisco, to LA, to Hawaii and so on…

Had I been a landscape artist or loving the plein air groups that meet worldwide to paint the beautiful natural world we live in, I would probably be selling many landscape oil paintings by now. But I get my impressions as I travel, from observing people’s faces, their expressions, listening to their life stories, which gives me an incentive to create art from another perspective. I am more an inspirational artist and figurative abstract painter, beyond my major body of work… being the 5th Dimensional Artwork.

In addition, I love studying Kabbalah as well, as I sense that the actual Tree of Life’s diagrams becomes like a web of real life, in where we meet in different spheres.

One such example is my dear friends the Goldfarbs, who have a Tree of Life House Maor HaLev, in Safed (A beautiful Kabbalistic City in Northern Israel). Each room there is named according to a different sphere in the Tree of Life, and so is another rDrop Tulip Blossom 9.9.06eal nice B&B sanctuary called The Way Inn, there too one can be hosted in one of the spheres.

So in life I feel we visit one another in the real physical world, yet we also embrace other layers of spiritual growth as we talk, share, pray and meditate…Basking inside the Tree of Life’s and its many diverse spherical expressions is the ultimate life experience.Boy with Tulips

Beyond the main featured art piece “Tree of Life”, I am attaching in this blog, smaller illustrations that I have created over the years, as impressions taken of situations at hand as I travelled around in the world.

May we all enrich out web of life with loved ones, family and children.

With Tulip Love, Eva Ariela