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Art can open our hearts

Art can open our hearts

In hope I am not coming across as a Gallery critic or Art snobb, or as disliking of all contemporary art, but I must confess, I am always more drawn to look at our old master painters, such as Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Van Eyck, Rubens and many more. Modern Art of today, makes me  often miss the heart beat in the creation.

By engaging in the life we have here in this world, as in a known form, faces, bodies, actions… life itself, and as seen from the perspective of a great maestro or anonymous artist, one can reflect on the beauty of simple life. The time an artists takes to share with us how he or she perceives the reality we live in, can opens ones heart.

Contemporary Art can be either right on, like the great artist Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, or it can be devoid of any significant content, or simple forms trying to outsmart our intelligent minds… what for? what are we are trying to re-invent. Still there are those art pieces, that makes a point or show an idea that create good visual impact, as it conveys some thinking and contemplation. Yet, if the art piece leaves you EMPTY… visually, mentally or emotionally, then I do not consider that art…. sorry.

Still, styles are a matter of taste, of course, and me being a sentimental soul, I always prefer Art that knows how to open our minds and hearts.

Now, my style has its own momentum and flavor, it shares few languages, and its not always to taste of everyone. Those who like it, resonate with the intention I put in or the resonance it was created with.

You are welcome to view my Art and feel for yourself.

The 5th Dimensional oil painting series became a venue to hold multi media events around it, if you will one could call it contemporary art, but to me it seams more dimensional art. If you arrive to any of the 5th Dimensional Happenings, you may find that even if at first not a familiar landscape, your hearts may open up in delight… Art can open our hearts, if we like it or not.

With much love, Eva Ariela