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Art from two worlds

Me and my fellow artist friend have been working on a series of oil paintings, in where we are combining both realistic paintings with the 5th Dimensional landscape. It’s interesting to see how two separate worlds, with its different elements, such as galactic landscape verses our lush and beautiful blue planet, meet on the canvas. We call it the 5th Dimensional & 3d worlds.

They have a way of integrating into one another, even if such worlds exist apart. That is why we are working on this combination to see what can be expressed when you create opposites states of consciousness. For example, the way we know fire in this 3rd dimension, is far apart from any kind of lucid fire flames in a dimension that does not hold gravity the same way. Or water on our beloved Blue Jewel, is fresh and flows in unison, yet the way we picture H2O in space, seams more intricate and swirly.

I suppose the images we are getting from the planet Jupiter, reminds us of another universal existence, that

NASAJupiter_09The integration of these worlds, gives kind of a taste into the future we are about to encounter. We may be fusing new energies into our lives, as we are becoming more aware of our galaxy, other worldly matters and cyber space consciousness.More people are becoming more intuitive and are looking for the deeper meaning to our existence.

The task of artist is to show society, what may be the under current layers in our existence. In this series we are trying to show the fusing and the muse that can exist at the edge of these seemingly opposite worlds.

You are welcome to see more of my art: Gallery.

with much love, Eva Ariela