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Art in Childhood Land

My Swedish cousine’s from my Father’s side invited me to their midsummer celebrations, and its probably 30 years ago since I witnessed this old tradition of dancing around the Maypole in Dalarna. My grand parents used to live in Älvdalen, in where they still speak the oldest Viking language. Being back here is somewhat nostalgic and pretty freezing, one of the evenings it was 6 degrees at night.

20170627_165111In these hoods, we traveled deep into the thick forests of dark pine trees, far away from Stockholm. Here we grew up in the ‘Swedish way’~ memorable vacations with my sister MiriamIn the summers blue berries, in the winter thick coats and mittens… We loved coming up to visit my sweet grand parents (called Kaj & Kajsa); if it was for picking blue berries in the summers or skiing in the deep winters, or biking with my Father. It’s here where I started to love the blossom Tulip and then got inspirations for all my Tulip related art work.

But this land does not only bring back memories, but it’s really cool to find good quality art work in my old hood, like in the Carl Larsson Gården and Zorn Museum. So inspiring to see how they lived and made everyday a creative outlet for their talents.  Art in my childhood land, brings me not only back in time but also visions for a creative art studio in the future. Looking forward.

Carl Larsson and his wife Karin lived a true fairy tale. This was too amazing to be true but they lived what two fellow artists in love would LOVE to do all their lives. The father of the bride gave them a whole mansion in where most of the art was created. Me and my cousines went to visit their home, fabulous space, filled with nooks of creative inputs, 2 art galleries, special guest beds, windows opening up between the rooms and much more. The favorite part was the artist Carl Larsson‘s own bedroom, was to see that when he woke up in the morning he could look to the left and see his wife sleeping in the other room, and to the right he could just open a small window that overlooked one of his Atelje.

20170627_164923Each morning he gazed at his art pieced from his bed evaluating which piece he would tackle that day, love it… I wish to have such a fun studio one day soon.

Another wonderful artist is Anders Zorn, also well worth a visit. If anyone ventures up to Rättvik and the lovely lake Siljan, then continues up towards Mora you will find this great museum. My father’s cousines have a lovely and most amazing country house there overlooking the big lake, basically a total Swedish idyll scene.

Meanwhile,, I am back now is Stockholm for a week and then I will travel to Gothernburg for some meetings. If you happen to be in town, join us this Thursday for another book event. Tulip Love book talk this week, at Vattumannen in Stockholm, Drottning gatan 83 in downtown.

Many Blessings and much Tulip Love to you all, Eva Ariela