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Art museums inspire me to paint

It was great visiting the Moderna Museet in Stockholm this week, seeing the latest show by Artist Yayoi Kusama who shares her art from having had hallucinations as a child. She found a great way to heal her past by going the creative route.

It’s20160809_131956 so inspiring to see how a woman takes charge of her unfortunate reality and brings into form what can be visually shared. When visiting good museums I usually feel elevated and happy to know fellow artists see the world similarly. In addition, Art museums inspire me to paint new pieces…


Another fun visual feast was to zoone in on the details on one of my favourite painter Wassily Kandinsky‘s canvas. His art work ‘Improvisation’, reminds me of my own brush stroke work and the thick layering of oil on canvas. Good timing, as just last week I wrote a blog on how I enjoy taking a close up of the detail formation on my own oil paintings.

Interestingly enough, I have been told many times that my work is similar to Kandinsky’s.  So I have to admit, without possessing any grandeous feelings (at least not known to me consciously :), that pieces of my art have similar strokes and patterns like this great Russian painter. I do recall learning about him at art school, but did not pay extra attention to his work more then others, so it’s inspiring to me that our work look a like. Maybe I was his student in a past life?

You are welcome to see for your selves if you think there is a similarity. The featured image is a detail from one of my oil paintings, called “Man’s Mind in another landscape”. I took a detail shot of Kandinsky’s work below, shown at bottom of blog. What do you think?



I am very much looking forward to my Solo Art show next week, it will be a combination of two of art styles; both the Tulip motifs as well as 5th Dimensional Art.

It’s called “Tulips in another Dimension” A time to escape into another landscape.

For more information, you can visit the Face Book invite and be wonderful to see you at the Art opening, Thursday 18 august, 2016, from 5 to 9 pm. We will also have piano playing by Jane Tovman & vine, Welcome!

Many blessings, Eva Ariela