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Art & Music are the best of friends

I love it when one can weave different art models together and find harmonious ways to share a creative muse with one another or publically. My healing model and artwork have already found a way to be integrated into one concept. I usually use my art pieces to share an idea behind the Tulip Healing model. 

We are going to have a beautiful concert coming up in Roslagen, the northern archipelago of Stockholm area, with my Opera teacher Janina Prusek Stachowicz & a known pianist in Sweden. Jacob Moscovicz. The owner of the cultural center Toomas Tuulsi will also attend, and we look forward to have the performance in their country style facilities. My Father was a music teacher and played excellently the piano and had his own cembalo, so it will be a special treat for me to listen to a great pianist and wonderful Opera Singer, 

Here is an invite for our event this Sunday, 4 September 2022

I will present my Tulip Love book and share a guided meditation, on how this magic Tulip flower can be of a symbolic value and healing properties. Presenting this flowers qualities explains also some parallels we humans can learn from in our own lives.

Here you can view more of my Tulip Art. 

Blessings and with Tulip Love, Eva Ariela