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Art, Music & Muse

What makes us uplifted in life, is often Art, Music, Muse and Movement. Life is so intense and demanding, that we often need an outlet for our soul, mind and body. Since I was a child, I have always been curious about people, and quite passionate about life in general, always interested in people’s well being, health and caring for each other. Many of these elements in life circulate around humanitarian issues, yet I try to fill in some creative strokes, to bring more fun into our lives. Maybe you also feel that at times, that something beyond the day to day life must be of more significant meaning, otherwise why are we on this planet?

5th DIM event teatron tmuna_sm I think that is what brought me to the 5th dimension artwork 25 years ago. I had a strong need to express an unusual realm that may not always be seen with our naked eye, or in our regular life. Being interested in art, love and kindness from a young age, and later on, in combination with knowledge in psychology, design and humanities – something within me said: there’s more to life than being offered.

So in my Masters program at the New College University, in California, I studied a course called reinvention of work. The essence of the course was ‘How can our working goals be involved in the needs of the human society and aiding our modern world’? Doing altruistic “safe the world” gestures and healing are not always guaranteed income, especially if the economy is bad in a sociopolitical climate; since then people spend less money on their own personal development. Therefore selling one’s art can become a secondary venue as well, yet for me the point of sales has never been the urge to create. My art comes from a need in my hands to create from my soul & to express non-verbal forms.

My educational background and my heartfelt feelings brought me to investigate what could “my mission” & “my passion” possibly be? If it wasn’t pure art, or psychology, or healing – what could it then be? Also my Mother was a doctor, wanting to help and heal others, after what she experienced and saw in the concentration camps, in WWII, and my Father was a man who’s passion was constantly music and seeking a deeper meaning to life.

So that is probably why I became a healer and an artist, using painting as a way to express myself (you can view my different art styles here, and depicting the spiritual teachings I received, for example in Kabbalah. Another constant, in the background of my busy life, was always the love for music… as a symphony that plays silently underneath me, supporting me to create art that actually has a lot of movement. One example is the Space Opera, in where I paint a person singing into the cosmos, and lately I actually started taking Opera singing classes with a teacher in Stockholm. So maybe I painted myself singing 25 years ago, knowing one day I will study singing (figure in left corner).

Space Opera

I love how Art & Music comes together, and that is exactly what is happening’ at the 5th Dimensional Happenings.  We may also involve more individual singing and expressions during the events in the future.

The 5th Dimensional realm has always taking my work to a place of movement, muse and music, which I love to share with people and communities. It’s been great to host these events for different groups in the world, and look forward to doing more. Sometimes its also been a great venue for couples, that find this creative outlet unites them even more, in their relationship.

May we all find that place in us, that dances into the horizon with Joy and Contentment.

Many Blessings, Eva Ariela