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Art of Faces

I love working on creating faces with mixed media, almost as much as with my oil paintings.

The faces are my way of communicating ideas I may have in my mind, of how people talk to each other or how they do not talk to each other. The expressions that come out, involuntary on the papers through my hands, are not often predictable. Many times I go through a  series of faces created within a week or so. Later when I gather the latests work, I notice that some faces below to each other.

Either their faces look similar in facial features, or they have the same mode. So I pair them up. At times there is not such a clear similar visual, but there is a story line that is told. So those faces need to be together, sharing their own relationship.

I still hope to be able to do an exhibition with all the expressive faces, also to share with the public how we humans are alike, and how we have similar feelings and thoughts.

To see more of my work, please visit my gallery.

Many blessings and keep inspire one another, through images, worlds of kindness and TLC.

With much love and blessings, Eva Ariela