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Being an Artist

Being an Artist is romantic but not always easy…

We artists who feel the world, often go to the edge of consciousness, and say “Hello, look here…”.

Its abit like a man that goes to the edge of a far away cliff and says, look down here, come and look what is exists below. Maybe a wild scenery that is not often seen from the comfort of a regular path, or from ones car, but from having gone out deep into another landscape, and discovered something new.

An Artist who feels the world, also needs to convey and deliver what is seen… luckily, with creative hands, we can bring forth what our eyes have seen (or felt, or dreamed) in a fresh and different way. If we have done a good job, we often can touch the observers heart or soul. They too can begin to see a new perspective, yet unknown to them before…

May we all learn how to see life’s mysteries from anew, and shares Creations beautiful gifts with one another.

To view more of my ART please visit my gallery page.

With Tulip Love, Eva Ariela