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Being an Artist

Being an artist is great in many ways but also not easy, as we feel the world from another place ~ a place where the real world meet the imaginary. That is what makes Art adored and loved by many yet it can be hard for an artist whom sees layers of the unveiled, and her or his task is to unravel yet reveal what may not be seen from a regular view point. We are preoccupied with questions and in love with mystery, at least so am I. Yet many of us ask and want to know why things are the way they are….

Where life meets a question…

Where life meets a pondering inquiry…

Where life’s mystery is solved through aesthetics and expression

AEva as young girlt times an artists puts him or herself on the line of fire so to really feel alive and at times an artists puts him or herself at the edge of regular societal thinking and questions if things are true and why we shouldn’t  shift things around so we all can live in a better world? The Artist at times has to go to the edge society’s comfort zone, dive deep into the collective consciousness and say “look over here”!!

Artist have the guts to put things on the table, or rather true ~ on the canvas, to be seen, talked about and discussed. Some do it as manifestos, some as political statements, etc.

Of course not all artists are into sharing their own soul’s inquiries or statements about our society, in order to object, to awakening or to shake things up. Some like to do accurate or romantic representations of the reality through their own unique creative expressions, and that is also healing in it’s own way.

I think I am combination of both, as I like to draw fanciful flowers and faces, yet also express another world that may not even been seen or felt in the day to day life… my style is a cosmic landscape, a place of another dimension. The 5th Dimension.Eva as young adult

It started during my years of studies in California and developed into Happenings and multi media expressive venues. My art emerged out from being only oil paintings… now they are a platform for others to join inside the 5th Dimensional Landscape, through Dance, Music and Community interactions. This makes my art come alive and shared, as it has a lot of movement and colors. Basically a fun space for many to enjoy!

It’s the place in where the Cosmos meets our day to day routine world, it’s an invitation to make things more fun and interesting.

I am attaching few oil paintings I made over the years, depicting me, the Little Eva (my Inner Child),  the young adult Eva, the Teenage Eva, and the Adult Eva…. stages of my life as I remained the artist I am. And as I grow older, more of me will be developing and more art to be painted. Stay tuned for more…

Many blessings and love, Eva Ariela

Eva's as Adult