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Beloveds meet for New Moon

We had a lovely event for Singles at the Tulip Center on the new moon of the Hebrew month of Sivan 2016. Beloveds meet for New Moon of Gemini, a great month to encounter the two aspects within our selves and invoking our future relationship. This month’s symbolism is all about communication and the two sides within our being, and in terms of the Tulip Love concepts, our ‘Inner Child and our Regal Self‘.  To allow our selves to ‘fall in love’ with all sides of our being by loving who we are, as well as finding our Beloved. On a deeper level, it is also the Two Cherubim that sit on the Holy Arch, guarding the Holy of Holiest, a perfect time during Shavout celebration, of receiving the Torah.

This ‘Single Mingle’ was the first of its’ kind at the Tulip space, and it was wonderful to see a similar number of men and women attending, making for a balance of the male and female energies. Since the New Moon is about germinating new energies, and seeds of fruition to come, it felt like a good time for blessings to come, G’d Willing.

That evening, it was the Sphere of Tiferet in the Omer Counting; the sphere of Love & Compassion (like the Heart Chakra) merged into the Sphere Kingdom of our own self, so that we can become true to our heart’s calling and invoke our Beloved in our lives. A marriage of G’d and Shechinah, Heaven and Earth, Male and Female, Husband and Wife…Beloveds. That is why Tulip Love meditation was a helpful tool for the Single event, as when we ‘sit as Queens and Kings’ inside our own Kingdom, while inhabiting the ‘Tree of Life‘. You can see in the featured image an art work I did in California, called ‘Thrones in Tulip’, there you can see the invitation of sitting at peace within the flower kingdom.

The Tiferet sh’b Malchut is an amazing Sefira, as it comes to heal our Hearts within the Kingdom of our own self and collectively. All nine spheres in the Tree of Life proceeds the Malchut ~ Kingdom, and when funneled through the Foundation of Yesod, we become pregnant with potential of the Divine, like a baby that is born after 9 months.

In addition to sharing, socializing & the Omer awareness, we had the Tulip meditation with specific guided imagery that focused on how we like our future beloved to appear in our minds. The relaxed space created harmony and peace within ourselves so that we could inhabit our selves lovingly in what we want in the other, as well as sending these prayers to our loved ones and the suDANCERSrrounding. At the end of the circle we sent prayers to all beings, for balanced relationships and well being.

It’s my heart’s wish that this month or summer, all that participated will be closer to finding their partner, future wife or husbands. Who knows, as if one creates meaningful intentions and ‘Kavanah’, by meditating on the qualities of what we wish in our own inner beloved ~ things open up.

Lighting Candles for Rosh Chodesh Sivan in the hanging chandelier at the Tulip center, made for an added dimension of prayers, as we included the four directions, when we lit the candles. This ritual inspired me after we visited Baal Shem Tovs village Międzybóż, during Shavout 2007. It was amazing, to be allowed to climb up on a ladder and light the “Ner tamid” at this Holy Rabbi’s memorial, a true Zaddick that began the Chassidut movement”.

Later on a good friend of mine,  bought me this chandelier, so I began a tradition every Rosh Chodesh (New Moon gathering we have) to light candles inside it, inviting those who like to climb the ladder and make a prayer for all of us and for Peace in Jerusalem.
The evening coincided with my sister Miriam’s would have been birthday, as well as the Swedish National Day on top of the New moon with the Omer Counting, as mentioned above. Perfect space for meeting and to connect to one’s own self as well as expanding one’s love within and to another. The Heart within the Kingdom, created a good balance, between opening our hearts as well as feeling empowerment.

May we dance at many weddings and celebrations in the future.

Many blessings & love, Eva Ariela