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And here is a bit more about the 5th Dimensional Art

The 5th Dimensional Artwork style I developed in 1990, at the Energy Art school in Berkeley. It catapulted into a world of vibrancy within the medium of oil and strongly conveys energy, consciousness and symbolic movement. Its language enhances a sharper vision into another dreamy world, and by “seeing” beyond the canvas, one is invited to enter into another landscape, discovering another dimension.

The symbols become an integral component of the paintings, as we are reminded of the fluid, sacred, geometric forms of the universal life forces embedded in our consciousness; and we can then start to become the brush of our own creation. The paintings are gateways into another world of interpretation and I am inviting us to explore this world together…so that we do not get too caught in the world of fear and stress of our modern 3rd dimensional reality.

The 5th Dimensional Happenings are also great community venues to invite people to enjoy movement, art and one another.