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Calling upon the Angels to land on my canvas

For the last few weeks the winter is slowly making its appearance, the temperature has dropped and the clocks have changed. Our bodies are saying, “oh, its that time again”, and realizes its not that easy to shift again our seasonal rhythm… But here again, we are doing it. Some wait for that great date 21 December, winter solstice, when the sun starts his course back on its elliptical path, back towards the light…Yeah! Not to mention Chanukah, I can’t wait to light those candles again, to bring in more MIRACLES & LIGHT; and for some it may be lightening the Lucia or Christmas lights.

Angels 1

Winds are strong and its almost like the Divine forces wants to cleanse us free from the last hard months of terror attacks that have prevailed the Holy Land. For some time now, I have a secret wish, that ANGELs in all forms and shapes of loving kindness & delight will encircle us and start to sing a new song of harmony. I imagine such an amazing sound, so mesmerizing that even terrorists and extremists, will drop their knifes in utter disbelief and finally surrender into a state of shivering shock. Yes, I know it sounds naive, or too utopian, but what else can we wish for in a world that is starting to narrow in on us from all directions.

We must find a new tune, a new dance, a new song of deeper hope… So I am calling in the ANGLES, and I will also start a new series of Angel paintings again.In the past, I have created pencil-ink pieces and multi-media Angel Paintings, and one oil painting, called ‘Angels in the Void’ (please see attached image). Now I like to envision loving and benevolent Angels coming to bless from high above, eagerly sharing with us of a better future to come… So that we can feel more at peace within. An Angel of peace on a canvas in ones living room can make all the difference in once home and one’s day to day life…

My fuel, and my personal prescription for increased inspiration has always been the same: 5th Dimensional themes, Tulips and Kabbalah. Much of my inspiration started many years ago, and that over time has increased – such as described in last week’s blog post: how my love for Tulips started already as a child while visiting my grandparent.


The winter, being the darkest time of the year, is for me also the “brightest” time. During these few months, my creativity blossoms along side with the Tulip bulbs that live deep inside Mother Earth. The bulbs, even if they can’t see any day light for weeks, are confident, they will sprout and bloom, content being in the dark. So is the truth when working on an empty canvas, I also have to be confident it will come out a beautiful art piece.

In hope my artistic skills will reach new levels, like the growth of flowers and keep dreaming on. Could my artwork go wilder, from being already a “5th dimensional language”…and turn into 6th dimensional art? Maybe if I will sit inside the gates of creativity and pour my heart out,  I may be able to visit the ‘6th Dimensional Landscape’. In my next blog I will share more the reason I came to the 5th dimensional art work as well where it originates from..

So for now, I am signing off, and soon the dark evening will surround our cities, and I will light those candles, put on some relaxing G’dly & spirituality music, and let my brushes come out of the closet again…letting them play anew. Beloved friends, make sure to join in on this creative journey, in what ever area that you love to explore…. Enjoy a wonderful and beautiful winter!

Eva Ariela