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Natural Art


I came back to Sweden this week, as the summer finally is unfolding. So here again, Art will be revisited in the Swedish Woods, after having left the climate of the Israeli desert of Sahara winds… Look forward to painting and…


Creativity in times of uncertainty

tulip center 2002

Creativity in times of uncertainty is a good thing, as I have some control over my media, if its oil on canvas, paper & pens or mixed media. Here, I can at least share my feelings of what it feels…


A New Creative Chapter ~ 2021

5th dim zichron yaakov

1.1.2021 Here is my NEW YEAR MESSAGE sharing with You and Our world.  I also like to invite us all to rejoice in making a shift for the better in our challenging times. May we all gather our strength and health to really make 2021 a…


Drumming up creative energy

HandPainted_Tulips oval

During these very challenging times it’s quite hard to drum up creative energies and stay in deep faith, but now we have to be even more disciplined to do uplifting and fun things. When I can take the time for…


Commissioned Art Pieces

kärleks resan

If you like to order a Commissioned Art Piece as a couple, family or as an individual being who like its own story to be told in images, contact me. We meet (if via zoom or in person) and talk about what…


5th Dimensional Representation

Honouring Existence_horisontal detail

One way to share my art is through the 5th Dimensional Representation. I developed the 5th Dimensional Artwork style in 1990, In Berkeley California. It was inspired by a great teacher, Ross Drago, in Berkeley California. This style was born out of a…


Art in times of trouble

Couple in Circle

Art in times of trouble, provides for great opportunities to create and being even more artistic. And since we all have more time now on our hands, its also a great time to resume dating again… attaching here some of my couple art pieces…


Our Creator is the best Artist


It’s amazing how beautiful we were made, in the clay of our Creator.  Like an enormous potter, with a great hands & heart and with endless creativity…with such humbleness our Divine Source of all, he/she made us. We begin our lives…


Art during a Pandemic

Distored reality

How can we create art during a pandemic? Not easy to feel inspired on one level, yet on the other level, we have so much more time to create. To me this time, grows in waves… at times I paint a lot and at…


We are on time out

tulip & traingle

Wow, what a time we have entered into? Such a sudden shift, all in order for us to change out of our old unhealthy global ways, and finally to see how we can rebuild a better global village, environmentally, physically,…