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Chanukah light filled Art

Dear Art lovers,

It was with great enjoyment to co-host our event of Frequency Healing,  5th Dimensional Art Projection & Music, with Achutan Wong Eisen, in the most Kabbalistic City in the world.

It was the 7th Day of Chanukah in December, and on Christmas evening, at the The Way Inn, Simtat Yud Zayin 23 Artist Quarter in Safed.

With Chanukah light filled healing surprises; vibrational healing, light language & crystal bowl intermixed within the 5th Dimensional landscape experience. Projection, movement & music with participants who came in white clothes/shawls., enjoyed the effect of the colorful projection ….

Moving inside the 5th Dimensional landscape and music, can transform ones day into other worldly magical existences.

With much love, Eva Ariela