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Dancing inside 5th Dimension

We had a great event last Saturday evening… dancing inside 5th Dimension at the First Station in Jerusalem, hosted by the Dance Studio Machol Shalem. ‘Dancing a Dream’ ~ 5th Dimensional Multi Media Happening with Art, Movement & Free Dance! Flamenco Dancer, Micaela Harari and community participation. The Happening was part performance, part workshop, part free dance ~ a playful evening! A Happening that will be happening again!

Pre Warm up 5th DIM wshop

The opening act was a written narrative I made for my own 5th Dimensional oil paintings series projected in space with professional dancing. It’s called the Creation Story; sharing how we were created and the birth of the female & male powers at hand. Today, there are many unbalancing forces that rule us, on many levels in life, and they create distress between men and women and in our day to day relationships.  Still, I believe there is also a deeper collective need within us, wanting to come back to harmony in these turbulent times. And since G’d created this amazing Universe, our Creator wants us all to get along. The images correlate to the narrative and the last image in the series is the ‘Cosmic Garden’.  An oil painting that depicts the Garden of Eden, a visual wish for restoring the male and female energies on Mother Earth.

P1020845After the performance people were invited to join into the 5th Dimensional Landscape – a space full of colors, forms and music. Many expressed enthusiasm and want these Happenings to be part of a weekly or monthly program. Stay tuned for the next event/s.

Ever since I began to project my 5th Dimensional oil paintings in the 90 ties, sharing this type of art style at Galleries or in workshops in USA, Europe and Israel, has been an inspiring journey. It’s always wonderful to see how people enjoy getting into a new experience and dip into a different landscape, which is projected into space, with colorful playfulness. After some warm up movement exercises or Free Dance, many feel more relaxed and joyous. Feels good to be able to include the viewer & the mover into this kind of interactive cosmic art and music

Soon I am off to an Art fair for Women’s Empowerment Conference, and in these venues it also feels good to be able to bring inspiring Art to hard working women whom may need some relaxing visuals in their work or home settings. In P1020936honor of all the women in the world whom try to make a living and to find their place in society in a more male dominated working world, here is a painting that shows the Journey a Woman may take to find her own style or freedom in life. To view more of my Art, you are welcome to visit my gallery.

Many Blessings and love,

Eva Ariela