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Dancing into the 5th Dimension

I love it when two of my favorites things come together ~ Art & Dance. Basically Dancing into the 5th Dimension artistic landscape.

We will have such an event ~ A multi-media Art Performance this upcoming Saturday, 14 May, 2016 at 9.30 pm, at the First Station in Jerusalem, at Machol Shalem. Ever since I began to project my 5th Dimensional oil paintings in the 90 ties, sharing these type of art style at Galleries or in workshops in USA, Europe and Israel, has been an inspiring journey. It’s always wonderful to see how people enjoy getting into a new experience and dip into a different landscape, which is projected into space, with colorful playfulness. After some warm up movement exercises or Free Dance, many feel more relaxed and joyous. Feels good to be able to include the viewer & the mover into this kind of interactive cosmic art and music.

I20150820_PIAt’s one thing to hang one’s art on the wall; having people pass by, to reflect and enjoy, or criticize, yet it’s a whole other scenario if we are allowed to ‘enter into the painting’ so to say, by letting the content take us into another dimension. As for my ART it’s a great ticket into the another dreamlike reality ~ the 5th Dimension.

The oil paintings are created in a manner where the images become Gateways into another world of interpretation. The symbols are integral parts of the paintings, as it comes to remind us of a fluid universe, filled with sacred geometric forms of the cosmic forces embedded in our consciousness as well as in nature. So the quality & the message of these oil paintings become accentuated and emphasized when projected into space in a multi media fashion.

The upcoming event will be a Multi Media Art Performance with Flamenco Dancer, Micaela Harari & Free Dance! Here is an actual real life opportunity to enter into a 5th Dimensional Landscape – a projected space full of colors, forms and music. Part performance, part workshop, part free dance ~ a playful evening! Highly recommended to arrive in white clothes to get the best effect of the multi media lights. In hope you will join us this upcoming Saturday evening, to observe, to move and/or to dance inside a landscape that is different that the one we live in.

Much love, Eva Ariela

Flamenco dancing & Magic RavenCome in White and Enjoy Music, Movement and Muse…

Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 21:30 pm (doors close at 9.45 pm)

Machol Shalem Gallery Studio, First Station, David Remez Street, Jerusalem

40 NIS Entrance. Group discounts ~ Tickets: 053-335-8210

Micaela Harari: Director of Studio Flamenca, Beit haKerem, has been teaching and performing flamenco in Jerusalem since 1998.