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‘Drawing’ in a New Future

How can we bring in a new future? Can we visualize a better & more powerful outcome to our beloved blue planet that is ailing and struggling… yesterday we heard of another horrific terror attack in Brussels, months after the tragic one in Paris. Also in Israel for the last six months, there have been many terror attacks and knife stabbings, that also creates a lot of darkness and bewilderment in our world. Not to mention so many other horrible murders, human trafficking & torturing all around the world, that get less attention in media.

So in these days of spring and renewed bloom, how can we continue to have faith and trust in our collective society, with many dark forces trying to overrule the field of love and light? How can we stay in innocence and loving kindness? Now is exactly the time to do so, to raise the vibration of all the light forces on our planet. We must do all we can to bring good acts to the surface, to forgive and help others in need, as ultimately we are all in this together. Drawing in good vibes for ourselves and the future generations is paramount and necessary, as things are getting gruesome by the hour on planet earth. We have become out of balance, as the environment is failing, the economy is going down, homelessness is increasing, unemployment is becoming epidemic… and so on.

Tulip Epansion-Oil CanvasCan we artist and visionaries do anything about all this? Can we draw or paint a brighter existence to come? Yes, we can and it’s fitting on the Day of Equinox, when the amount of day light is as equal as the amount of darkness at night. This perfectly balanced period in our season, is a wonderful time to look at how we can harmonize our lives and the planet.

What images can make us want to shift to a better society… calm rivers and blooming fields always calm the soul; positive scenes of endearing people or uplifting situations makes people joyous. It’s not so much the actual physical painting or drawing, it’s more what our minds does with the visual impact and frequency. Also, our internal mind’s eye can project positive images & messages to our brain.

What a wonderful world we could live in, if we all collectively could dream of a Garden of Eden to be a true part of our existence. The way our world’s consciousness is today, we can’t get there now, as not many have the tools to visualize or meditate (or the desire to be in the light), yet I honestly believe if we ALL collectively created our reality, we could begin to live in a very loving and positive world.

That is why we need to pray for healthy, kind and powerful leaders to lead our future. Also, to let the good visionaries, the light workers, the new enlightened generation of indigo, rainbow and crystal children lead us into a better future. For now the old paradigms are failing and crumble, as we are shifting our minds to a new reality of caring for the individual and its well being in society. Still, we have a long way to go, and so in the meanwhile, let’s do all we can to share good words, lovely uplifting art & installations, good project benefiting humanity and so much more creative potentials.

Let’s really think what we can do to ‘Draw’ in the good, to really ascend to higher levels of living? As an artist, I know I will always draw and paint lit-filled oil paintings and more, as I believe these art pieces bring good vibrations to our world. Even if they may only be a piece on the wall, they speak of a vibration of harmony & love. To view my 5th Dimensional Artwork, you can also visit, my ETSY account.

Blessings and stay safe where ever you may be, much love, Eva Ariela