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Eclipsing into Art

We had the most amazing experience last week, witnessing Mother Nature and G’ds creation unite in one of a kind Solar Eclipse expression. The sky became a dark dome enveloping us from above, at the same time as Mother Earth became colder and colder leading us up to the first crystal ring appearance and later the carona. A sudden 360 degree twilight zone appeared in the horizon, with pinkish skies!! That was other worldly, beautiful and so unbelievable; we cried and howled as it was beyond amazing. It was also unusual to watch the heavenly bodies meet high in the sky making a perfect unison, with the Sun being at the perfect distance to our earth in relation to the Moon. A true miracle!

So can anyone be a bCosmic skulletter creator then G’d himself, to arrange for such a perfect union between the Moon and Sun (these planets are often referred to as the female and male opposites in the solar system, and here they united). For the totality of the eclipse to happen, the moon has to be at the perfect distance between sun and the earth and the sun to be at the perfect ratio to moon (400 times bigger). This is indeed a phenomena that we in our generations have the privilege to encounter. These cosmic events makes me so humble, so when I sit down at the canvas and try to paint nature I feel I can never come close to the reality of existence itself. So I guess that is why I resort more to abstract expressions… it makes me more of my own artist, knowing I will never be able to compete with our Creator!

5th Dimensional PocketsIn this blog I am attaching few images of the 5th Dimensional artwork, to share how I see the cosmic forces intertwine with one another. In hope you like my way of interpreting our mysterious existence and get a taste of another world that I believe exists on some level in our galaxy, beyond our solar system or even galaxy… yes beyond our lovely Moon and Sun…

With these images we have hosted many 5th Dimensional Happenings as well. If you like us to host an unusual venue for any private or community gathering, this dynamic art with music and dance is a great way to leave a memorable evening for your guests or costumers. Contact us at 1(510) 527 4389.

Blessings and much love, Eva Ariela