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Escaping into a canvas

Ever felt like you need to escape this reality? Maybe escaping into a canvas, can be more rewarding then ‘meets the eye’. That is why art, music and dance are great ways to transport our selves into new landscapes.

Sometimes painting is like a meditation and at times its like wanting to escape into another world, where the only ingredients are colors in harmony. A dance of different nuances and that is like living in some other dimension then the one we experience everyday. That is why it’s kind of a fun escape, even if one is stuck still inside one’s city/town or our in our 3rd dimensional horizontal pattern. I guess that is also why I created the 5th Dimensional Artwork! It’s a perfect vacation destination into another world without having to travel anywhere. Basically kind of being away from home but not leaving once home.

Female motion_smSome of my clients who bought the 5th Dimensional Artwork, feel they can rest their gaze on the oil painting they purchased and fly away, to get away from the mundane day to day life, obligations and chores. This sensation is even more felt when one participates in the 5th Dimensional Happening events. See this video, to get a feel what it is to become part of the canvas and enter or dancc into the scene of another fanciful cosmic landscape. Its important to have creative out lets in our busy stressful lives.

When life gets rough, don’t you find yourself saying inside your mind, ‘I can’t wait to get a ticket to Hawaii and swim with the dolphins?’ Or ‘I love to take my sweetheart away to a forgotten island where no one can bother us, where there are no bills and troubles that can reach our shores’…

Ah, there is nothing like good old imaginations… what would our day be like without that delicious dream time and day dreaming? What would our day look like without art & music, birds and flowers, children and animals? We need all these palettes in our lives to make it interesting and diverse. And how can a flat surface be a place one can want to escape into? To me it’s mainly the fact that the canvas is EMPTY at first, like a true classic Tabula Rasa, and from within that space, the sky is the limit…We can travel any where we want within our imagination, and we can catapult our selves into a figurative story, a sad portrait, or a sketch of a flying balloon flying off to far away horizons ~ feeling we are there as well.

Art is amazing in its core, as what ever we portray on a still object or flat surface is a dialogue with our eyes and mind, free to be interpreted to our own satisfaction. That is why there are so many different art critics & feedback on any given art piece. Some may think one creation is marvelous while the other may trample it down with harsh words. Why can one piece of art have so many opinions? Its all in the eye of the beholder, either it’s the most beautiful thing on earth or worth nothing. Yet, at the end of the day, its a personal choice, and we take into our home or office the art that makes us most happy or at peace.

The attached imaMicaela in 5th Dim-Man Avoids Void_smge on top of the blog is called “Man Avoids Void, yet it can also be seen as “Man enters the 5th Dimension” to enjoy a new uncharted territory so far! You can also see this image here from 5th Dimensional multi media work, in where Flamenco dancer, Micaela Harrari is having a dialogue with the character on the canvas.

To view fantasy filled oil paintings or mixed media work, you are welcome to visit my gallery at Have a creative week ~ filled with images of what you want to have in your life.

Much love & blessings, Eva Ariela