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Everyone can paint

Often when I talk to people about my professional work, they say ‘I wish I could paint’, or ‘I tried it once at school and the teacher told me I am bad at it!’ Some feel they were never encouraged, or they told themselves already early on in life, that they can’t draw. That is when I tell them ‘Everyone can paint! It’s a matter of being OPEN to our own inner rich imagination and OPEN UP to our abilities to be creative. I think we all have the potential for it”.

There is a big difference between, drawing technically correct portraits, figurative drawings or realism. One can take time to study that kind of Art with willingness, openness and patience. Yet, there is also a whole other realm that can be explored, and I am a firm believer that many have a special oasis of unique artistic expression inside of them, waiting to “come out of the closet”. In order for that treasure to be found, one needs a few things.

Belief, courage and someone to guide them through a series of fun painting sessions. Getting a big paper or canvas ready and then being shown either via a guided meditation or visualization, can really elicit a fountain of undiscovered images or symbols that suddenly may pop up from one’s inner psyche. With a bit of perseverance and learning how to access that personal style, I am sure, many can venture into new art forms. I have seen that with clients I worked with, and at times they begin to draw or paint a series of spontaneous art peices.

10 commandmentsFrom my own experience, I can attest it works. In the 90 ties, I was guided by my teacher Ross Drago, to find my own unique creative energy, and some of you already know, I discovered the 5th Dimensional art style. Yes, it’s true that I painted before hand, but I did not have a serious body of work that I characterized as my own expression. That is what I believe exists in many people who think they are not able to even pick up a pencil. So I am firm believer in the human nature and playfulness to find new horizons with themselves.

There exists an endless source of rich imaginary imprints within us, or some derive from our dream-time states; basically there is plenty of material to be painted. Not to mention, all the visual impacts of a life time any given person holds in their mind ~ that alone can come out as wonderful expressions in different art forms.

If you are interested to learn more about the art classes I have please contact me. In hope you find that place of fun and creativity in you, if it’s via the Arts, Music, Dance or any other forms of expressions! The Arts is what makes life more interesting and enduring, basically opening up to new horizons. You are welcome to join!

These days, I am finishing up the last touches of cleaning before the Passover Holiday, eradicating any bread, crackers or last crumbs in my home and the healing space. It’s also a great opportunity to clear and clean my own mind and my inner chametz‘. For me the spring cleaning is always about an inner spiritual cleansing as well, as it works in parallel to the physical clearing of all unwanted old items in the home. I guess that makes me ready to embark upon a newly refresh chapter this Spring. What are your spring wishes?

Here above is an oil painting I did of Moses holding the Ten Commandments and a small scene from the Exodus in Sinai, a nice reminder of the reason why we are celebrating Passover, the Miracle of walking away from slavery into Freedom.

Many Blessings and Happy Passover, Eva Ariela