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Facial Expressions

20150412_133358Ever since I was a child I have loved to draw faces, and at times I will draw a face out of memory; suddenly this person/being I know from life appears on the sketch pad. At times I give them a copy or never show it to them, as I don’t know where they are in the world, if the meeting was a fleeting moment with a stranger. It shows me that people make an impression on me and my brain remembers their features and later on they land on my drawing table.

I really like seeing how faces are built with their own special facial expressions. I love watching people and how they perceive things and how they interact with the environment, their behavior and mannerism. I am showing here in the blog few styles and with different mediums, oil, color pencils and at times I create it via photoshop as well. For other art pieces, you are welcome to visit the gallery.

I have painted and drawn thousands of portraits and imaginary images… I am attaching a few here, even some are not pieces for sale, like my usual artwork. Still, if any one likes a portrait, you are welcome to contact me, for a personal portrait, it can be realistic or imaginary.

I also love painting and drawing epondering w. shaddow2yes, as they are our major communicator and expressive doorway to our inner most being. As you have already heard I am sure, that our eyes are the windows to our soul. So for me its the anchor point into someone’s being soul, their true essence therefor can be displayed in an image.

In my book Tulip Love I share a few exercises about our faces and eyes as well, that you can read about. For more info please visit my Tulip Book preview page.

Many Blessings, and keep enjoying people’s faces and eyes, their own individual beauty,

With Tulip Love, Eva Ariela