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Getting ready to meet our Creator

G’d is our ultimate Creator, the Master of all imaginable color palettes, sound vibrations, visual perspectives and lush expressions. I am deeply thankful for his divine interventions and mighty creations. The day of forgiveness, the holiest of all holy days, the Shabbat of all Shabbaton is just about to arrive. Then we will all stand in front of our holy Creator ~ G’d, asking for forgiveness for all our sins – asking Ha’Shem/G’d to allow us all to re-paint the paintings we’ve been trying to complete during the past 12 months. Some of us might have painted more colorful imagesflowers, joyous people, and other inspirational scenes – containing happiness and love. Others might have had a harder year, with less pleasant memories and and a list of actions to ask G’d for forgiveness for.

As I wrote in my previous post just a couple a days ago – I am looking forward to enter the new year, that started last week when we celebrated the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana. I wish for a year full of love & kindness, caring for my fellow human beings and also feel the anticipation for a year filled with new pieces & projects within my work: my 5th dimensional art, my tulip love, my kabbalah involvement and everything else happening in this diverse life.
I also am very thankful for all the sweet hostings over the Holidays & Shabats, the lovely meals I was invited to and deep spiritual talks about life and how to become an even better person. etc. The magic rain, that fell an hour after Rosh HaShana ended, to clear the intense dust storm that raged over the entire middle east;  the shofar blowing we heard on the street by the ‘World Champion Shofar blower’ Daniel…and other small miracles.

The sound of a new society

Now I am getting ready for a 25 hour fast on Yom Kippor, a time to reflect, to forgive and hear the sound of the Shofar, to cleanse and purify our souls, and soon to be able to tilt the earth again after one years of rest…7th year Shmita. I can’t wait to plant more flowers and then in early winter…of course plant Tulip Bulbs. Stay tuned for the yearly Tulip Bulb party in December. But till then, we wish one another ‘Gmar Chatima tova!’ and invite you to join me in a journey for purity.  The ‘Shofar’ image added here is an art piece I created, years ago, for my Master thesis, with the emphasis on Reinvention of Work, at UCS University in California.

With Erev Yom Kippur taking place tomorrow, the holiest of all holy nights during the year, its a good time to take advantage and ask Ha’Shem/G’d, family and friends for forgiveness. We still got 24 hours to go, maybe the most important hours of our life? For my non-Jewish friends, in hope you also have time during the year to come closer to your own truth and share it with loved ones & family, and enter into a deeper forgiveness.
It’s never too late, as one says  ‘better late than never’,  in hope to focus on the future, and not the past. If someone did something to us during the past year, and we find it hard to forgive. Lets try harder! The ability to forgive is the greatest gift Ha’Shem has given us human beings, so taking advantage of this gift is powerful. To forgive our friend/s, we set ourselves free and others….and at the same time, we also hope G’d to forgive us…G’d Willing!!

In hope, I will be forgiven and will have enough time to reflect and think of all the things that are still undone and unclear. Yet, I know some things are still not meant to be healed. And to me that is the hardest of all, as I am eager to see a better world already, filled with love and kindness, yet we are witnessing dark forces that work against it ~ that hurts the most. So I need patience and to know that it’s all part of G’d’s divine plan, and that soon we will understand why things played out the way they did!

I pray for a world where we can finally see our beloved Mother Earth filled with sweetness, compassion and loving kindness among all people and nations.

Blessings and Love, Eva Ariela