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Happy New 2024

We are now entering into a new chapter, and the question arises, if we will see new landscapes after so much pain, war and trauma in the Middle East,

Will it pan out differently, or will it pan itself out to a better long lasting PEACE, G’d willing? Or we will be dragging out the conflict ridden shores till exhaustion?

We have already lost so much and trying to regain our balances. Yet with renewed faith in humanity must we rise, again and again.

As we are stating 2024, 1st of January, I am posting my new landing page.

Enjoy its different art pieces, most are available in Giclee prints and some can be ordered in canvas.

Contact me for any special needs, or if you also like to commission a unique art piece, specially tailored to your life, anniversaries,

birthdays or capturing endearing moments with your beloveds, family, friends or work related happenings.

Many Blessings and May this year be the best one ever, after all.

With much love, Eva Ariela