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In Memory of my beloved sister Miriam

Since we are soon entering into the time of 40th Memorial of my sister, Miriam Felicia, I would  like to make this a landmark & shift for me personally as well as for the Lindberg Peace Foundation. May this event, be a bridge between the past and the future, a meeting of voices, images and words that were spoken by my sister in her quest to try to help our ailing world, and between new voices of today, that like to make a difference in our modern times.  

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On top of Poetry readings by professional Poets and Musicians, we will have Dancing and my 5th Dimensional Art projected in space, to add a more colorful experience. We will honor Miriam, by showing a presentations of her young life, and for those who did not know her, can get a feeling of her delicate yet strong nature.

Thursday October 15th we’re going to have our annual Poetry for Peace event, organized and sponsored by the Lindberg Peace Foundation. This foundation and the annual Poetry entries and gatherings, were founded by my late mother Prof. Gustawa Stendig-Lindberg, after my sister’s passing, in 1976.

For 30 years she invited the International poetry community to partake in poetry contests; with Honorary and Winners awards, from 500 to 1000 dollars Poetry Winners prizes and more. Unfortunately my mother left this world in 2008, and since then the Poetry for Peace venues have changed a bit, yet keep the same philosophy and values.

The events as of today, includes music and art performances alongside the poetry readings, in addition to occasional poetry contests and award winning competitions worldwide. Since my mother Gustawa was a Holocaust survivor, we decided to add what she wrote in the concentration camps (actually most of her poems were written in her mind, or w/o pen and ink, considering the horrific conditions), as well as her published work. Blessed may she be high in Heaven, and rest in peace.

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The 40th Memorial, will be held at the Tulip Center in Jerusalem. Please see invite:

The next day, Friday, October 16th, with start at 11:00 am with a special memorial & ceremony in nature. Namely at Miriam Felicia’s KKL Grove with 1200 planted trees, in the wonderful and beautiful setting of Modiin, and spectacular Keren Ha’Kayemet forests.

These trees became a permanent way of keeping my sister’s memory alive and never forgetting her diligent work to help heal our world. And what can be better, than the growth of trees? I like to invite you all to participate in this memorial ceremony in Modiin: adults, families and children. This is going to be a beautiful event full of love and happiness, music and poetry – with alive musicians, guitar, harp and refreshments.

As for my own artistic contribution, I will project my 5th Dimensional Art during the event. Part of the 5th Dimensional multi-media art show will be a movement piece with the wonderful Flamenco Dancer, Micaela Harari. More information about Micaela can be found here:

At the end of the evening, you are all invited to dance into the ‘5th Dimensional landscape’ with some well chosen and beautiful music – to give you all the most amazing and mind altering experience.

Welcome to live music, art, presentations, poems hoping to change our world with spoken words, healthy refreshments and more. I hope to see you all there! If you’d like more general information about the annual memorial event, please visit Miriam’s foundation website:, or feel free to contact me to RSVP, further information or directions. Eva Ariela Lindberg 054-4860597