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Individuals & Couples Dances @ the 5th Dimensional Happening

5th dimensional art happening 1

Muse, Music & Movement at the 5th Dimensional Happening in Gothenburg

5th dimensional art happening 2This wonderful  5th Dimensional Happening & multi media Art event, took place just a few days ago at an unusual corporate venue, Strandska, which is a Center for leadership and development of creative venues within the working force. Gothenburg, is the  2nd largest city in Sweden, on the west coast, facing lovely Skagen in Danmark, where I had visited amazing art galleries the week before.

This evening we focused on what we want to create for the coming month, as it was on time of New Moon, setting an intention of being the creators of our lives verses just being the spectators. After a grounding visualization, we began some exercises and then a playful dance while becoming the creators and brushes of the artwork. Participants enjoyed becoming the brushes of creation and moved with the sounds of diverse world music within the 5th Dimensional landscape. We grown became a bit like children whom like to be spontenous and free.

Wearing white clothes maked the actual oil paintings ‘land’ on the body of the dancer and brought the playful forms and energy of the artwork out. It created another level of magical experience and spirituality to movements and exercises. People seamed way more relaxed and happy after the event was over, as when they arrived.

5th dimensional art happening 4

The Multi Media projection of the artwork, brings it out from 2 dimensional reality to a 3d ~ 5th dimensional experience. Its a great   way to get out of our day to day routines and enjoy another playful realm and landscape. The dynamic cosmic Art, the Music & Light, the participating Community togetherness makes it always a wonderful experience for many.

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May we all be blessed with a wonderful day, Eva Ariela