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Inspiring trip to Skagen, Denmark

Skagen art
On my way to Denmark now I am thinking of my past visits there and exited about seeing Skagen for the first time. Will be amazing to see the last century classic Swedish and Danish artists oil paintings. They flocked to the very tip of the danish landscape to enjoy the special light there…being surrounded by two sea shores and lovely sand dunes.
As for my own creative endevours,  I can’t wait to pull up my easel on the porch in Jerusalem and yet another part of me just wants to see more and more galleries and other artists work.
After enjoying a few great sunny days in Stockholm’s archepelag, I have to accept the grey clouds and rain drops following us again over these special white sandy dunes. What you all might have figured out over the past couple of weeks is that the Scandinavian summer weather wouldn’t been considered summer in other parts of the world. In the same way that some people only considering a special kind of art being “real art”, some people wouldn’t consider “15 degrees and rain” being real summer.
Still sending rain filled winds to my friends in California that are unfortunately experiencing many wild fires and to my family and friends in Israel with extreme heat waves.
Doesn’t matter what weather we’re being blessed with, there’s so much more that we’re being provided with from above, that we all should take it in and enjoy while we can – and do it over and over again.
While the sun is hiding behind the clouds, some of us, i.e. myself, love just “being”… Being myself… Finding inspiration from my lovely friends, nature, my next art piece, for my workshops, for my purpose of being the one I am. There are others, that may spend hours, days and weeks running around shopping… and still being happy, without seeing the sun for weeks. So, the truth is, it can be summer even without the being out and about in lovely nature.
While enjoying my vacation i am also planning for my upcoming art exhibitions here in Sweden and in touch with different galleries – in the capital, Stockholm, and in the second biggest city, Gothenburg, as well as Malmo. I hope to see you next Thursday at our ‘5th Dimensional Happening’ in downtown ‘Gotet’…namely Gothenburg on the 20th of August. Please visit our Facebook event page fore more information.
It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, what you prefer in life – sunshine or rain, a couple of hours of delightful artistic manifestation, spiritual inspiration and positive energy can provide you with happiness and well-being. Its so important to find one’s own  ingredients and main sources to a happier life. The connection to the divine source,  working on clearing energies and being in the right spiritual mind set, help me to provide you all with my 5th dimensional art, empowering workshops and positive energy.
My dear friends, have a wonderful week, and look forward to see you at my art shows and/or Happenings. Many blessings to you!