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Inspiration for my own Atelier

For those of you following my blog, you know that I’m a globetrotter, love traveling around the world, experiencing new things and different arts. My latest trip was to the country of my heritage, Sweden, what a wonderful trip.. first time in 40 years spending a December vacation “at home”.

It was great spending shabbat in Soder (south Stockholm), during the first year’s snow and watching how each little snowflake was G’ds creation itself. Not one snowflake is the same like another, just like we people. So magic, how they come down and make the landscape white, and more peaceful.
A. Rodin The KissBrings light into the darkness during the winter month, and brings smiles to our faces, waiting for the sun to return in the spring. Many people feel happier being surrounded by the snow, as in essence they are small little magic stars sailing down from the sky. In similarity to Canukkah candles and Christmas lights, but natural – G’ds creation. As mentioned, while in Sweden, and other places all around the world – I love experiencing different art exhibitions. Today we went to Auguste Rodin’s exhibition at the National Museum in Gamla Stan, one of my favourite places in Stockholm, and it was so good to be able to see the classic work of this 1800 artist own master pieces.

These kind of artist are hard to find now a days, with a special skill of catching the moment. Rodin, one of the most worldly adored real life sculptor, yet even during his time he was not so understood in the beginning. Just like many other artist in his league. He came forth as too blunt, too emotional even in his classic expression, but what can be better than that. It takes society some time to catch up with artist’s thinking outside of the box of what may be ‘normal’ and show another creative perspective. Or they have to die tragic death, like Van Gogh’s faith, in order for the art form to be finally accepted. Among my art friends, many of us look up to Auguste, as “one of them”, thanks to what he already back then provided the world with.

A. Rodin 2Rodin’s work seem to be less anatomically correct then of those of Michelangelo’s sculptures, but still more expressive and rough. ‘The thinker’ is a great piece as it makes us have to think! ‘What is he so worried about’, “why is he slaotching”, ‘why so deep in thought?’ It’s good for us humans, even more then 100 years later, to also stop and ponder… Often now a days it seems like people have stopped thinking themselves. Our lives have changed from being humanized to computerized. What do we human beings have to do ourselves today? What can’t Google, and any other computer programs do for us? It’s scary… we’re loosing our need of thinking for our selves, and handing it over to something else. “Something”, not even someone.

This exhibit was so inspiring, and seeing photos of his Atelier, makes me a bit jealous (even if it was another century) as I love to have such a big space for my own studio one day, meanwhile I have two smaller spaces, one for painting oil paintings and one for the hand painted work. It also reminded me of my visit this summer to Skagen, in Danmark, one beautiful and inspiring place created by G’d… entering the actual physical studios where the Scandinavian artists used to work.

A. Rodin 3Being an artist is not so romantic in our modern world, as it seems these old time famous artists lived a very dedicated and full time devotion to the Arts. It appears like they were spending all their time inside their studios, painting away feverishly. But I am sure they had their own share of troubles and poverty, etc. Just seems they had more time to paint and create, and unfortunately I spend less time in the actual studio then I want to. I personally believe one of many reasons for the change being an artist has to do with our “modern” lives. Even for artist living less materialistic lives than others, and focusing more on spirituality than modern hobbies, we’re hunted by distractions. The phone is ringing, the news, incoming emails.. things that all seems small and not “such a big deals”… but it all takes away time from painting and creating.

After my visit to this wonderful exhibition, I really hope to visit more shows this week as well, and get more inspiration for my own work. Which later on, hopefully will be passed on to you, with your personal inspiration.

Looking forward to our next event this month, as well as following up on the contacts I have made here in Stockholm and Sweden.

Blessings and may we all have a FUN-TASTIC New Year – 2016!!

Love, Eva Ariela