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Join our 5th Dimensional Happenings

If you have never been to our 5th Dimensional Happenings I highly recommend this unusual experience, especially if you enjoy movement, and you are an art lover.

5th-dim-dance-teatron-tmuna-12-copyIf you are neither of the above, you can still come and enjoy a special multi media art performance with Flamenco Dancer Micaela Harari, whom will be dancing inside the 5th Dimensional Landscape.

My artwork, that originated at the Energy Art School in Berkeley, is an unique visual experience, that the audience is invited to either observe or to partake in. The 5th Dimensional oil paintings convey a different language and an other worldly cosmic reality, that is safe to escape into. It gives room for our imagination, as well as for our bodies to bask inside a fun creative projection area. Most events have several components in them; in where one can view a performance piece, a workshop and/or free dancing, with either a DJ or a specially composed sound track of enticing music.

eva-5th-dimensional-happening-2013-copySo here you have it, many good reasons to join our next special event at Chamshushalyim Festival at the Karnaf Theater, Machol Shalem in Jerusalem. Come to celebrate sounds, colours and a rich visual delight, it will be an amazing evening.

See our Face Book link for a special invite ~ you are welcome to invite friends and family.

micaela-cosmic-cellYou can also visit my art gallery, which has both the 5th Dimensional Artwork, Tulip motifs and Kabbalistic prints, and more…In hope you join us next week for a Pre-chanukah event, filled with light and projected artwork. The images are from past events and hope to see you on 22 December!

Many blessings and love, Eva Ariela