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Kabbalah Prints

In my last blog I wrote how I usually get inspiration for my next art piece through visions when walking or being in nature, or while in meditation. I like to follow up on this topic and share more what each of my Kabbalah art pieces stand for. There are a few new ones that I will work on, freshly inspired from my travels this year, some are from Holland and some are from California and the wonderful Pacific Ocean. I am selling these works Internationally, in stores and on my website ~ please visit my gallery page and look in the Kabbalah section.

Here below you can get a fresh description of Eva Ariela’s Kabbalah Art and buy some for your friends or loved ones for Christmas or Chanukah.

Tulip Grail - MY CUP


My Cup Runneth Over

The flower Tulip is one of the rare flowers that hold the space for a perfectly cup shaped form. It’s a good symbolic tool to use in envisioning receiving divine light from above. It’s a Kabbalistic concept, in where we can create a vessel of our own selves in order to be able to receive abundance, G’d’s love and light in us (which is called ‘Kli Kibul’ in Hebrew). When we embrace abundant love & light in our lives, the cup can overflow with bounty, joy and prosperity. The image portrays both the actual cup (also can be likened to the Holy Grail) and the flower Tulip itself.


 Tulip Shin

The letters Aleph and Shin are created within the flower Tulip, making the word ESH, (which means FIRE in Hebrew) a creative force within the space of a blooming vessel. Like in the Kabbalistic concept of ‘Kli Kibul’ (Receptive Vessel) we humans can receive the abundant divine light from above into our own being if we imagine a vessel above us to receive it in. The Tulip flower has a perfect cup shaped form to hold the essence of creative energy inside the blossom, as well as embracing abundance from above.

Tulip Gateway blue-cut


Tulip Gateway

This image portrays an invitation into another landscape or dimension, within the sacred boundaries of the Tulip Blossom. At times life is hard and demanding and by us using our imagination we can ‘escape’ into other worlds that give peace and relaxation. Basically this art piece is an doorway into another reality we can create or like to enter into.

In G-d's name I flame


In G’d’s Name I flame

In a deeper place within us, I believe we are all connected to a Divine Source & Life Spark and which faith we belong to is no the most important aspect. It’s more important that we all align our selves to a higher purpose & awareness in our mundane lives in order to sustain a more meaningful existence. As the saying goes we are here on earth as spiritual beings in a physical body, and many of our life events build our soul’s journey.



Embodying the Tree of Life

In the Tulip Love healing work, one of the practices are to meditate and visualize the Tree of Life above one self. For more info about the flower conscious healing method, please visit

The Tree of Life is our spiritual life foundation and is a deep source of Divine Love ‘trickling down to us’ through the Tree’s spheres; projecting and emanating light to our body, being and soul. By sitting in a throne, and taking time to receive spiritual abundance from above…we can embrace higher states of consciousness. A source for this ‘Tree of Life meditation’ is also shown in the Sephardic Prayer Book in the diagram of “TIKKUN Ha’Neshama”.

May you all have beautiful Holidays coming up with loved ones and family; many lovely blessings and with Tulip Love to you all, Eva Ariela


Eva A. Lindberg ~ Author & Artist